10 Tips for Building and Maintaining Customer Loyalty

The concept of customer loyalty is more complex than that of customer service, and one that is far more intriguing and interesting. Customer loyalty should be designed as a natural follow up to your customer acquisition program.

This article will explore the true meaning of customer loyalty, and list some actionable items that can be taken and used to improve customer loyalty. Read More

10 Ideas for Experience Gifts in 2015

Life is an experience. What better way to have your gift stand out from the pack than with an experience that changes someone’s life, even if only for a while? With a little more thought than usual, you can give a gift that becomes the experience of a lifetime. Experience gifts can be exciting, fun, challenging, dramatic, or provide mountains of relief. Engaging all the senses, they take the person who receives the gift on a journey of their own. What better way to let someone know they are valued than to get them an experience they’ll remember for years to come. Read More

7 Tips for Giving Gifts to Clients


Embracing the giving spirit should extend beyond yourself and your staff to your clients. Gift giving can be a tricky subject, as different companies have their own rules about what their staff can and can’t accept. You need to be informed before you start spending money on gifts for clients. The worst that could happen is that, in your enthusiasm, the gift backfires – it will be remembered for years to come. Read More

5 Loyalty Programs that Can Help Boost Your Business

Incentive marketing has existed for a long time, and tends to be the rule rather than the exception in today’s marketplace. These programs are generally referred to as loyalty programs, and they come in many different shapes and forms. The most commonly recognised loyalty programs are probably the frequent flyer programs offered by airlines, as […]

How to Encourage Employee Advocacy

Word of mouth – it’s the best form of advertising you can have. Do you think about the potential word of mouth you have with your staff? Businesses spend so many resources in the hope that customers will be advocates for their products and services. Yet the same businesses often fail to see that the […]