7 Tips for Giving Gifts to Clients


Embracing the giving spirit should extend beyond yourself and your staff to your clients. Gift giving can be a tricky subject, as different companies have their own rules about what their staff can and can’t accept. You need to be informed before you start spending money on gifts for clients. The worst that could happen is that, in your enthusiasm, the gift backfires – it will be remembered for years to come. Read More

How to Encourage Employee Advocacy

Word of mouth – it’s the best form of advertising you can have. Do you think about the potential word of mouth you have with your staff? Businesses spend so many resources in the hope that customers will be advocates for their products and services. Yet the same businesses often fail to see that the […]

What Your Employees Really Want for Christmas

Each year, the boss asks his personal assistant to think about the Christmas gifts he can give the staff this year. It might be followed by a gentle reminder of: “don’t forget, we’re giving them a Christmas party too”. Well the sobering news is that only 5% of employees like the office Christmas party, so […]

5 Promotional Tactics to Attract New Customers

Building a customer base is critical for any business, and attracting new customers is the first goal. Turning existing customers into loyal advocates is the second. One of the greatest rewards any business can show is when an existing customer brings in new ones for you. It’s the silver lining of a product or service […]

Employee Engagement: The Good and Bad News

Here’s the good news: 13% of employees worldwide are actively engaged. Here’s the bad: 20% of employees are actively disengaged. And here’s the really bad news: 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged in the business. According to Gallup’s latest survey across 142 countries, staff needs have been left well behind. The USA and Canada […]

Movie Promotions: See how it works

Introducing Hollywood Movie Money! Our dedicated HMM team help businesses across Australia leverage off mega blockbusters to create epic consumer promotions. Watch our video to find out more… http://www.hollywoodmoviemoney.com.au/howitworks.html    

Coming Back for More: Loyalty Programs

The rise of the loyalty card is hard to ignore. Every time we go shopping we are likely to be asked whether we are a member of that business’ program, or if we’d like to sign up. Loyalty programs have become a favourite strategy among Australian businesses for driving growth in product purchases. Whether it’s […]

How to Run a Facebook Competition for Your Business

Facebook is well and truly a social phenomenon, and businesses have now clued in to the power of this social media platform. However, it’s only in more recent times that businesses have been actively maintaining their presence on Facebook and allocating genuine marketing dollars to the platform. Facebook is well and truly a social phenomenon, […]