10 Ideas for Experience Gifts in 2015

Life is an experience. What better way to have your gift stand out from the pack than with an experience that changes someone’s life, even if only for a while? With a little more thought than usual, you can give a gift that becomes the experience of a lifetime. Experience gifts can be exciting, fun, challenging, dramatic, or provide mountains of relief. Engaging all the senses, they take the person who receives the gift on a journey of their own. What better way to let someone know they are valued than to get them an experience they’ll remember for years to come. Read More

7 Tips for Giving Gifts to Clients


Embracing the giving spirit should extend beyond yourself and your staff to your clients. Gift giving can be a tricky subject, as different companies have their own rules about what their staff can and can’t accept. You need to be informed before you start spending money on gifts for clients. The worst that could happen is that, in your enthusiasm, the gift backfires – it will be remembered for years to come. Read More