5 Smart and Creative Ideas for an End of Financial Year Sales Push

As the end of the financial year (EOFY) approaches, you may be wondering how you can leverage this seasonality to get more sales and hit your sales budget. Rewarding consumers with promotions is one of the most powerful and successful ways to strengthen the brand/consumer bond. Leveraging ideas like these help extend the consumer experience, […]

Our Favourite Consumer Promotions of 2016

Whether you want to engage your customers and keep them loyal, or you’re trying to get your brand into the marketplace, a well thought out consumer promotion can put you head and shoulders above your competitors. Here are eight of our favourite consumer promotions from around the world in 2016. They’re full of clever ideas […]

8 Ways to Entice Customers to Stay Loyal in 2016

You are probably aware of the importance of increasing brand loyalty – that’s what has compelled you to read this, right? Businesses devote significant resources to acquiring new customers and with competition growing constantly, many struggle to keep revenue strong and customer acquisition costs low. Strengthening brand loyalty is a continuous challenge that must be […]

The Future of Consumer Reward Promotions: 5 Examples to Inspire

While traditional consumer reward programmes continue to be effective, some of the world’s biggest corporations are leaping ahead, using digital data and reward mechanics that can only be described as inspiringly innovative. These loyalty marketing experts understand that the best rewards strategies come down to a striking balance between both monetary and experiential incentives, and […]

How to Use Contests to Boost Business

When building and growing a business, finding new customers is usually the hardest component to nail. Aside from the traditional traffic sources like Google and marketing strategies such as SEO and social media, how can you add another dimension to your user engagement and boost conversion rates? Read More

5 Promotional Tactics to Attract New Customers

Building a customer base is critical for any business, and attracting new customers is the first goal. Turning existing customers into loyal advocates is the second. One of the greatest rewards any business can show is when an existing customer brings in new ones for you. It’s the silver lining of a product or service […]

How to Run a Facebook Competition for Your Business

Facebook is well and truly a social phenomenon, and businesses have now clued in to the power of this social media platform. However, it’s only in more recent times that businesses have been actively maintaining their presence on Facebook and allocating genuine marketing dollars to the platform. Facebook is well and truly a social phenomenon, […]