Giving Stuff Away Makes You Money, According to Science

When John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in 1886 he had a hard sell ahead of him. So much so that his bookkeeper started giving tickets away for free tastes. When Pemberton caught on, he was not at all pleased, labelling the givings away as “extravagance”. The tickets were quickly canned but two years later, tycoon Asa […]

How to Increase Sales Without Discounting Your Products

In the world of consumer retail, the pressure is always on to move units and deliver on sales targets. In such a competitive environment, is discounting your products a good strategy, or is it merely a race to the bottom that erodes the value of your brand? The downside of a discount Discounts can offer […]

How to Use Personalisation to Increase Brand Loyalty

Advances in technology have disrupted how we do business. As customers connect with brands through multiple channels, brands are empowered with informative data about their behaviour. When marketers harness actionable insights from the multiple data channels available to them, they can create more engaging and relevant conversations with their customers. And in turn, customers feel […]

8 Ways to Entice Customers to Stay Loyal in 2016

You are probably aware of the importance of increasing brand loyalty – that’s what has compelled you to read this, right? Businesses devote significant resources to acquiring new customers and with competition growing constantly, many struggle to keep revenue strong and customer acquisition costs low. Strengthening brand loyalty is a continuous challenge that must be […]

15 Customer Satisfaction Tips for Business Success

Customers are the backbone of any business, as without them your business would not exist. So it would stand to reason that a happy customer makes good business sense.

By investing in your customers, you will reap the rewards. A great way to do this is to create a customer satisfaction strategy.  Here are 15 components you can include in your strategy that will keep your customers coming back and also attract new ones:

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10 Ways to Foster Brand Loyalty

Building brand loyalty used to be about wide exposure and constant repetition, and this method has served the big brands well in the past. Names like Coke and Nike have achieved their household status by being everywhere their customers are, and constantly reinforcing their message through mass advertising campaigns.

But with the advent of the internet, mobile devices, and social media, brand loyalty has become much more elusive. Marketers and retailers need to work harder to get their brands noticed and build long term customer relationships. Instead of being all about the brand and the customer aspiring to it, it’s now all about the customer and how the brand can find and fill a niche in their lives.

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5 Loyalty Programs that Can Help Boost Your Business

Incentive marketing has existed for a long time, and tends to be the rule rather than the exception in today’s marketplace. These programs are generally referred to as loyalty programs, and they come in many different shapes and forms.

The most commonly recognised loyalty programs are probably the frequent flyer programs offered by airlines, as well as point of sale discount programs offered in supermarkets when showing a membership card. Read More

10 Tips for Building and Maintaining Customer Loyalty

The concept of customer loyalty is more complex than that of customer service, and one that is far more intriguing and interesting. Customer loyalty should be designed as a natural follow up to your customer acquisition program.

This article will explore the true meaning of customer loyalty, and list some actionable items that can be taken and used to improve customer loyalty. Read More